The hybrid war has been going on now for nearly two decades. One company after another trying to compete to make a car that can actually save you money on gas compared to its rival has only produced a bunch of cars that nobody wants. In the end there really is no clear alternative in sight and that is for one very specific reason.

No One Really Wants It

Just because the television or the news tells you the American people want a better hybrid doesn’t make it true. Let me ask you something. Look around where you live. Do you see more little cars everywhere or more trucks and SUV’s? Simple answer right? Of course we all want to spend less at the pump, but the majority of us are not willing to quit living our lives how we want to do it.

What We Want

This is America people! We don’t just want our family or our tools to be able to fit in our vehicle. We want both to fit in our vehicle and we want it to be comfortable. While every other company’s trucks keep looking weirder and weirder as well as their continued transmission problems, what company keeps giving you what you really want?


Of course it’s Ford. If you’re working in Lawrenceburg, Ford F-150 will work hard with you and look good doing it. Even if you need a car instead of a truck around Lawrenceburg, Ford Fusion is still an efficient option that doesn’t lack in what you want. I’m just saying.