Guess what? Once again, Ford Motor Company is the first to innovate and introduce something to the free people of the world. Recently, Ford Launched a new program that would create clean technology and increase jobs by unveiling our new front wheel drive hybrid transmission.

What Is It?

What this hybrid transmission represents is a large leap forward with efficient technology. A hybrid engine is just the beginning and this is the next step. With a hybrid transmission integrated with Ford’s already stellar hybrid engine system, Ford will continue to lead the way in efficiency.

Assembly Line Legacy

And why shouldn’t we? Ford was the innovator that brought us the assembly line. Probably still the most important addition to the industry that allowed the automobile to be affordable and accessible to everyone on any budget. Speaking of budget, this is again a leap forward in making cars more affordable to own and upkeep. If you use less gas with a hybrid engine, imagine how much you’ll save now with the marriage of the engine and hybrid transmission.


It is our job at Ford to bring you the vehicles you want with the technology you need to get by and prosper. Your job is simpler. If you’re in Lawrenceburg, Ford F150 doesn’t have the new transmission or engine yet, but if you’re patient, we’ll figure it out soon enough. If you’re coming from Shelbyville, used Ford truck options are still plentiful to hold you over in the meantime. Stick with us, we’ve got a long way to go yet.