We’ve pointed out on this blog before that the Ford F150 is not just one of the most popular pickup trucks in the US, but one of the best-selling vehicles in the whole world, full stop. But that immense demand can always grow—and when it does, Ford has to be prepared to meet it. And although it might seem like more than your average gift, the holiday season is a time of high demand for the king of pickup trucks.

This pattern of demand extends to the bargain-hunters as well as the gift-givers. While the 2014 Ford F150 is already a bargain on its own, the data shows that over the “Black Friday” weekend after Thanksgiving, in 2012 the online leads for dealerships increased by 17 percent when compared with a normal November Friday. In fact, whether you’re looking in Lexington or Lawrenceburg, Ford F150 shopping online as a way to research and prepare has been an increasing source of eventual sales for years. It is the data from online interest and leads that allows Ford to prepare for periods of increased demand like the holidays.

This all points to a change in the way that buyers research and arrive at purchasing their vehicles.  And Ford is at the forefront of this: Google Trends indicates that Ford F-series was the most-searched vehicle on Google during November of this year, and has made its way into the top-ten searches for the last 118 continuous months. This speaks to continuous demand for American standbys like the Ford F150 truck, and the history of this has allowed Ford to capitalize on it and plan for the demand throughout the year.