If you have spent any amount of time outside around the Shelbyville, KY area this summer, you know how hot the temps can get. And when you need to get into your car after it’s been sitting in the sun for hours, it can be toasty and uncomfortable. The heat inside your car doesn’t have to be bad, however, if you follow these cooling tips:

Find Some Shade

If it takes a little longer to find a shady parking spot or you have to park further away from where you’re going, it will be worth it. Even if can only find one that’s partially shaded, that will still help. Just try to give the front of the car as much shade as possible.

Move Your Vehicle

Unfortunately, shade can be fickle. As the day goes on, all of that nice shade that covered your Ford vehicle in the morning may be gone by the afternoon. This is why – if you are able – you should think about moving your car to another shady spot at some point during the day.

Keep Things Covered

A windshield shade with a reflective surface is an excellent way to keep the sun’s rays from baking your car. You should also consider getting a shade for your back window and even the side windows too. If you don’t have anything to block the sun, covering your steering wheel and dashboard with towels will ensure they don’t burn your hands when you get back in your car.

Add Remote Start

When you get back to your hot car, the first thing you do is turn the A/C up to full blast right? Wouldn’t it be nice if it was already on when you arrived? It can be with remote start. This is an available feature in many vehicles, including the 2019 Ford F-150.

With these tips, you can keep yourself and your vehicle cool and fresh in the summer heat.