At this point, it’s pretty much a given: those looking for a high-capability, heavy duty functional pickup truck will turn to the Ford F-Series for their needs. The reasons are many, and the long history of American F-Series pickup trucks speaks to their reputation, reliability, and resilience. But Ford has never been satisfied to rest on its laurels with the best-selling pickup in the world, so the 2015 F-Series Super Duty trucks have been improved for the next generation of demanding customers.

To start with, the 2015 Ford Super Duty pickups will include a second-generation 6.7-liter Power Stroke V8 turbo diesel, with a standout 440 horsepower available. That is not just more than any other truck in the class—combined with the incredible 860 lb-ft of torque, its enough to shift up to 31,200 pounds through Frankfurt. This Ford truck is also equipped with fifth wheel and gooseneck towing configurations in either the F-450 or F-350 chassis models. This means that, apart from the stellar towing capacity, the F-450 and F-350 models are also capable of class leading 40,000 pound and 35,000 pound weight ratings, respectively.

But the largest new innovation in the 2015 Ford F-Series Super Duty is clearly the 6.7-liter Power Stroke turbo diesel V8, which includes a few key innovations to keep it at the top of the heavy duty pickup game. This design includes a graphite iron engine block, and an innovative reverse flow engine layout. In short, this layout gives shorter airflow to the exhaust system and better temperature management, which improves both the power output and efficiency of the motor. Come by your local Ford dealer and test drive one of these beasts today!