Holy cow folks! Can any of you believe that we’ve packed 191 horsepower into a hybrid? I would hope not many of you do if I can’t fathom it and I work here.

The new Ford Fusion hybrid is a marvel and I’m not in any way exaggerating. For years we’re all heard how hybrids would never merge the power and economy that we all wish was possible. For years we’ve heard how you had to choose between having fun, or having more money in your pocket after a trip to the gas station. Well for years to come you will all remember how wrong we were.

The Fusion

The standard Fusion has been one of Ford’s best selling cars nearly since we rolled the thing of a Canadian assembly line. If you haven’t ridden in one, you really are kind of missing out. The Fusion has, well fused so many of the aspects we all want in a car, that we never thought we would find all in one car without going flat broke.


Add One More

So now you get even more of what you want. Old Mother Earth can have her cake and you can eat it too. Finally we will all join the ranks of less money for gas, and get to actually enjoy the car we drive. So far all I’ve been talking about is under the hood. There have been those out there in the world that have even described this car as a near luxury interior. Like all Ford’s we build enough models to make sure you have all the options to customize and play with your car to fit your own unique style and personality.

What’s Next?

Well Frankfort, Ford always has something up their sleeve. I wouldn’t be surprised to find out it has something to do with making a truck go farther. Frankfort, Ford truck lovers like myself remain optimistic that if they can do this to a Fusion now and get the same power, then it really can’t be that far down the road where I can get a truck with 30 MPG’s that can still haul my gas guzzling four wheeler.