So here’s the thing. For the last month or so I’ve been telling you about my impending move into my first home, and how handy a truck has been for that. Well now I’m in, and believe me when I tell you the need for a truck is just beginning.


Somehow I didn’t notice that the basement only had one outlet. So now I need the truck to get the conduit back to the house, and of course I’m going to need studs to fasten the outlets too. Let the housing games begin.

Stuff Keeps Breaking

Who would have thought that the moment I’m in the house, things immediately begin to break. My washing machine didn’t survive the move, so once again, the bed of a truck becomes an invaluable tool. Then of course I have to haul the old one away, and again, there’s where home ownership and a truck are hand in hand. Oh! Did I mention that I need a new lawnmower and trimmer? Those sure aren’t going in my trunk, so again, you have got to love a truck.

Thankful For Ford

If you’re up in Frankfort, Ford can help you with your move too. It is no big secret, moving is a pain. Nobody likes to do it and as soon as it is time for the move, none of your friends are around. So Frankfort, Ford Fusion is great, and I love mine, but if it weren’t for a Ford truck, this move would have taken forever, and the things I’m dealing with now would be impossible.