If it were still the Eighties, they’d have to change their slogan to the past tense, I loved what you did for me…. Now comes again the time of Ford.

It has been a long climb, but we have arrived my friends. The excitement here at O’brien is pretty big. Let’s recap: in the last couple of years there have been many changes in the automotive industry. The bail outs were huge, green found its way to car companies like it was some brilliant new idea, and best of all Ford put the right people in charge to surge ahead to what will soon make us the number one consumer preferred car brand in America.

According to Consumer Reports, the nation’s top selling car company has “plummeted” from its once tall and unreachable mountain to a mere three point lead over Ford Motor Company. Ford gained huge numbers in the last two years and we’ve done it by hearing what everyone was asking for. This country has a huge problem in building products that no one asked for. My personal favorite is an electric car that’s no better than a golf cart, still uses gas….what’s the point!?


Where does it all rank?

Based on several factors like safety, quality, and value, Ford has made up remarkable ground to create a new top five:

  1. Toyota – 147

  2. Ford  – 144

  3. Honda – 121

  4. Chevrolet – 102

  5. BMW – 93

Can any of you remember the last time the race was this close. The best part is we can promise you there are no signs of stopping. Ford will continue to give America what they want at an affordable price. Give us a few months, and soon you’ll see something truly remarkable.

In the meantime, there’s work to be done. Head on up from Frankfort, Ford truck selection is waiting for you to pick your favorite and get to work. Your Frankfort Ford dealer, O’brien Ford, is more than proud to be part of the fastest rising car favorite in the country. Believe me, even here at the local level it has been a lot of hard work, but as you can see above, well worth it.