Facebook has changed the world in more ways than I could possibly sit here and count. I will say this, it has truly done a disservice to the movie making industry. Holy cow that was terrible. Ford has made yet another leap forward and added Google+ to their marketing campaign, good things are ahead yet again.

Google has created their answer to the Facebook, if you remember it being called that, and they call it Google+. Their own take on social media websites, Ford has wasted no time using it to their full advantage both here and it Europe. Still in the brand new phase of its release, Google+ now hosts two profiles for the blue oval, Ford Motor Company, and Ford Europe.

As I’ve told you before, it is a startling wonderful fact that Ford is on the rise to become the new top auto maker in the country. The great thing about the inter web is that through sites like Facebook and Google+ they could realistically achieve the title of top auto maker in the world. Think about that for a second, and after your mind is done blowing, I’ll continue.

We may be down here in Frankfort, Ford does not discriminate. Whether you are here in Kentucky, or across the pond in Europe, Ford is still a rising, and in my opinion, already the best choice you could make for conveyance. Whether you’re driving around the streets of Rome, or Frankfort, Ford Fusion would make you stand out, save you money, and give you the driving experience you only see in the movies. Not the Facebook movie mind you, no one wants that experience again.

I’ve been a member of a Ford family almost as long as my grandfather worked for the company. As an employee of the Chicago Heights plant up there in Illinois, he saw a bunch of really great cars roll off the line. Now here at the show room, I watch a whole new generation of really great cars roll on the lot and then off again. I have to say, I think my family is and has been right where we belong.