As is so much the trend these days, Ford is using social media outlets to promote its newest version of its vehicle line-up, the Ford Focus.  Sure Ford has seen huge sales increases across the country.  From LA to Frankfort, Ford truck vehicles have been flying off the lots.  However, right now it’s all about the Ford Focus and I must admit Ford has put its own creative spin on this particular social media promotion and the event sounds pretty cool.  Through its Ford Focus Facebook page, Ford is encouraging people to apply for a test-drive event for the 2012 Focus.  Only, this is unlike any test-drive you’ve ever heard of.

In fact, Ford is calling this event “a test drive like no other” on its Facebook page.  This is because the test drive will take place in some yet-to-be-specified location in southern Europe!  Applicants are instructed to post a video on the Ford Focus’ page explaining why they should be chosen, as well as speak about their favorite charity.  Ford will then choose 100 different drivers from around the world and fly them to the mysterious location in southern Europe for a two-day test drive.

Ford asks for information on applicant’s favorite charity because they have pledged to donate $10,000 per driver in conjunction with the event.  The only expectation of participants will be to show up in Europe and then provide feedback to ford personnel after their two-day romp with the vehicle.  Sounds easy enough!

Getting picked by Ford will of course be the hard part.  Ford will base its picks on the number of “likes” viewers receive on their video post.  Ford will also be looking at the “reach in social networks” and “content creation skills” applicants possess.  Clearly, Ford is looking for a socially connected individual who will share their experience in Europe through their own social media pages such as Facebook and Twitter, as well as blog about it.  After all, a participant savvy in creating easily accessible online content will only increase awareness of the new Ford Focus, which ultimately is the purpose for the event.

Another Ford event has a local dealership even more excited however.  O’Brien Ford, hopes to sell residents of Frankfort Ford Fusion vehicles around the promotion of Ford’s partnership with The Amazing Race TV reality show.  Residents of Frankfort, Ford Fusion owners and Ford enthusiasts alike will have the chance to participate in a race across America called Focus Rally: America.  Ford will again be looking for “adventurous, socially connected people” to form six teams of two to participate in a 5-week Amazing Race-like adventure across America.  Winning teams will earn $100k and 10 2012 Ford Focus vehicles will be given away to followers on Facebook.

Regardless of your preference for transportation around Frankfort – Ford truck or sedan – the new Ford promotions are exciting opportunities for Ford fans.  Visit Ford’s Facebook page today for more information!