That’s right, get a new Ford. I know I’m always saying the time is now, but you really have to listen to me when I tell you these things. Ford is moving so fast towards the future that it almost feels like a cliché just to talk about it. With our new designs and the stuff you don’t even know about that is coming, you need to act before we improve beyond what we’ve done so far.

So Far

Right now we have pickup trucks that are getting ever closer to 30mpg. Can you imagine that? I can remember being enamored about 18 mpg and here we are pushing double that. Our trucks have always been top of the line, but after what I’ve been showing you on the Atlas that we’re going to integrate into the F series, they’re only going to get better.


What’s Next

Well again, obviously you’ve seen the innovation coming in the truck line, but you should see what we’re going with the cars. Today I talked to a guy who was raving about the go fast engine you can get in the new Fusion. He knew what I was talking about, do you?


Join Us

Listen Frankfort, Ford is going to continue to push the limits of what we can do with our vehicles. When we reach the limit of what we can do with our current models or technology, we’ll create new ones. It is just how we do things Frankfort. Ford Fusion is only one of our latest marvels, come see the rest.