Here’s one for you. What is the highest miles per gallon seven passenger SUV on the market today? That is correct my friends, it is the brand new Ford Explorer.

There were critics out there that said brining back a gas guzzling tank like the explorer was a horrible idea in today’s market. Well, for those silly minded few, IN YOUR FACE! This tank will carry a platoon and won’t break the wallet doing it at the pump. Could you possibly want more from an SUV? I don’t think so. 28 miles per gallon is still amazing in some cars, let alone a seven passenger hauler.

The crazy yelling stock guy was saying just last month that Ford is the best motor stock bet in the world. You could not ask for a better setup for a company to make a massive leap forward. With their new plan to take over the world and make billions doing it, those that are smart enough to get on board before the money train leaves will be quite pleased with their destination.

For those of us down here near Frankfort, Ford is a neighbor and a friend. We see the blue oval everywhere. Helping us get our kids to school and making sure we make the block party on time. Ford has always been there and is really the only manufacturer right now that I have any confidence in long term future.

If you still don’t need a seven passenger car, but still want to make sure you’ve got what you need around Frankfort, Ford Fusion is a popular favorite for several people. Granted it has been over a decade since SUV’s started to lose their luster, but I’m sure this will bring the fad back.  Ford is the way to go folks. If you’re reading this I’m sure you already believe me, but we need to get the word out. Our competitors sold out in a big way, and we all know it. Our loyalty to not just our customers, but to the PEOPLE of this country has helped us make great strides in growing our company and bringing our quality to new buyers.