Have you ever seen a car that you thought was only sold here in America and then you notice it on TV or some magazine that they have it over in Europe or Asia too? The funny thing about that is although that car may have the same name as it does here, in the past that has never actually meant it was the exact same car. Ford is moving to break this tradition.

You wouldn’t think there had to be too much difference between the car we all drive here in Kentucky and the one that someone is cruising around France with. Well, you would think wrong. Believe it or not, America has some of the strictest regulations of automobiles in the world and yet we still have a thick brown cloud over L.A.


Ford has announced recently that they will create one Focus ST for the entire world to share. I’m sure someone has done this before, but to be honest I don’t know if Ford ever has. I mean I’ve seen pictures of the Fiesta over there, but who knows how many different things there are between here and across the pond.


The answer when it comes to the new Focus is none. Think about this from a manufacturing stand point, how easy does this make Ford’s life? Imagine only having one set of problems to fix and improve upon instead of having to check which model variant needs attention. Time saved is money saved.

But, meanwhile here in Frankfort, Ford continues to be our brand and what they do overseas is great and all, but remember that we are focused on helping folks here at home. If you were in Frankfort, Germany, you wouldn’t expect to see many pickup trucks running around. Thankfully, here in the good old USA Frankfort, Ford Truck owners are everywhere you look and proud of their machines.

Keep In Mind

When you really sit and ponder, all this talk about how the auto industry has been doing and what the consumer really wants, and yet, all we’ve had to do is keep giving people the best looking and hardest working truck on the market, and we’re sitting pretty here at home.