There’s a lot to love about the 2020 Ford Explorer, including all of its standard and available tech features. However, you don’t necessarily have to pick this new model to experience them. If you drive an older Ford Explorer, there are numerous things you can add to make it even more hi-tech. Check out these four great accessories you can add to your Ford Explorer.

1. Portable Bluetooth® Speaker

Whether you plan on camping or tailgating this fall, you can liven things up with a Bullfrog® Jump portable Bluetooth® speaker. With speakers on both sides, you’ll be able to listen to your tunes in crystal clear audio, no matter where you are. These speakers will also give you 20 hours of continuous play, as well as volume control via your smartphone. Not to mention, these speakers are both dust-proof and water-resistant.

2. Remote Start

With the days getting chillier here in Shelbyville, you no longer have to sit in your car and freeze while you wait for the heat to kick on. With remote start, you can get your car going from 1,000 feet away and allow your car to heat up before you get in.

3. Rear-Seat Entertainment System

If your Ford Explorer is your go-to family car, a rear-seat DVD player could be a great addition, especially if you often take long road trips. With this system, you will get two 10.1-inch screens that are easily mounted on the back of the front seats. In addition to DVDs, the system can also be linked to smartphones or tablets.

4. Rear Warning Sensors

Going in reverse is always a little treacherous, but with bumper-mounted warning sensors, you’ll have peace of mind. When you put your vehicle in reverse, these ultrasonic sensors scan up to seven feet behind you. If there are objects in your path, you will get an audible alert.

Want to get your vehicle outfitted with any of these accessories? Come talk to a Ford dealers at O’Brien Ford of Shelbyville.