The 2014 Ford Fiesta occupies a special place among subcompact vehicles by doing it all. In a Fiesta, you can enjoy the best of the worlds of compact performance, fuel economy, standard and available features in an affordable vehicle, and eye-catching design. This is great, but how does one vehicle manage all of this?

One of the secrets is that, like other new Ford vehicles, the 2014 Ford Fiesta is backed by one of the best reputations for reliability and build quality in the business. So regardless of the price or the features, you can rest assured that your new Fiesta comes with the backing of a quality warranty and quality design. But that’s not enough to set it apart from all the other cars at a Louisville Ford dealer—this is why the Fiesta is available in a staggering array of hot colors, trims, and configurations to make sure that the one you get is customized to you.

Another feature that sets the new Fiesta apart is class-beating fuel economy. When equipped with an award-winning 1.0-liter EcoBoost engine, its projected mileage per gallon is literally miles ahead of any competing vehicle, and still produces 123 horsepower. According to Mark Fields, president of Ford Americas, “Our goal with this Fiesta was to take a car that was already a leader in fuel efficiency, performance, connectivity and personality, and make it even better.”

Other features that set the 2014 Ford Fiesta apart are the presence of the new Ford MyTouch system in the cabin, an inclusive system that includes a 6.5-inch touch screen and voice control technology that allow the driver to connect to almost any device, as well as utilize SYNC AppLink. This technology allows a driver to control Ford-approved smartphone apps while driving through voice-commands alone. Whichever way you look at it, the 2014 Fiesta comes out ahead of its competition.