Few vehicles in the world can compete with the Ford Mustang in terms of reputation, mystique, notoriety, and fame. Not only did it rock the car world when it was introduced in the 1964, but it changed the way the world viewed American cars. Here was a machine that was patently American, a vehicle the country could call its own. And within the 50 states, it also kicked off a trend in the American auto industry that is still manifesting itself today: the muscle car.

To celebrate this heritage, Ford is unveiling a host of licensed Mustang products from 50 different manufacturers, each product branded and related to this lineage of both old and new Ford Mustang muscle cars. These products will range from model cars to watches to t-shirts, all exclusively licensed for the occasion, and including a specially designed custom logo that speaks to the 50 years of heritage behind the Mustang. One of the first products unveiled will be a limited edition, exclusive leather bomber jacket from Schott NYC company, a know high-end jacket manufacturer.

You won’t need to search for long among Shelbyville used cars to find numerous examples of why the Ford Mustang is so beloved, and so widespread. When it was introduced, never before had a vehicle so audaciously combined one-of-a-kind looks with such a brash, powerful V8 engine. And those elements—the eye-popping lines, the unmistakable V8 engine, and the legendary noise—are all present in the current Mustang. This muscle car is not just the first, but also the continuing icon of American muscle, and Ford will be celebrating its anniversary with 50 iconic products in the coming year.