Advances in the technology that makes the modern car inhabitable and pleasurable to own and drive come faster every year. But within the marathon of technological research and achievement among the major manufacturer, one in particular has consistently out-shown the competition. This year, once again, it’s Ford, which has just unveiled a host of new technology features at the recent 2014 CES show in Las Vegas—among them, the first-ever voice-activated and mood-based music listening app.

Courtesy of a company called Gracenote, this app utilizes the Ford SYNC AppLink API to make the HABU Music App available within the Ford vehicle systems through various interfaces. For example, if you were driving through Lawrenceburg in a Ford Fusion, you would be able to activate the music app by voice commands without ever taking your hands off of the wheel. More impressively, though, the app can generate mood-based playlists based on the vast wealth of information about music, genres, descriptors, and more aggregated by the Gracenote developers over many years.

“Ford is dedicated to making it easy for developers to work with us,” said Julius Marchwicki, global product manager for Ford SYNC AppLink, “and we’re excited to add HABU to the AppLink platform, making it the first mood-based playlisting app available from any automaker.” This point bears repeating: many new Ford vehicles are on the cutting edge of in-vehicle technology in today’s market, but none on the road can boast fully integrated, voice-activated, mood-based music-app within the vehicle’s interface. This proves once again that when it comes to technological advancements, Ford is at the front of the pack.