Ford has set world records many times in the past, but last month, they decided to do something a little different when it came to record-setting.  Rather than focusing on full-sized vehicles for Take Your Child to Work day, the Ford team instead went for something a little more small scale.  Ford has now set the record for the largest Hot Wheels track loop!  The previous record for a Hot Wheels loop was nine feet, nine inches tall, so topping it was no easy task.  But not only did the new loop set a new record, it did so in impressive style, coming in at a remarkable 12 feet, six inches!

The demonstration of the record-setting loop took place at the Ford Research and Innovation Center in front of an all-ages crowd as part of Take Your Child to Work day.  The project was conceived by a member of the Ford team – and a father himself.  Matt West, a Ford dynamometer technician, was working on bigger and bigger Hot Wheels loops with his son as a way to teach his child about physics.  But nothing they could achieve at home matched the 12-foot plus loop, which was successfully used by a Ford Mustang Hot Wheels car.  The public demonstration not only provided entertainment for children accompanying their parents to work, it also gave those children a chance to see science in action, and cultivated their interest in science, engineering, and technology.

It may not be as impressive to look at as a 12-foot tall Hot Wheels loop, but new Ford vehicles show science in action every time you turn one on.  Hard working automakers are constantly innovating and using the same physics and engineering skills they demonstrated in the record-breaking Hot Wheels track.  That’s why, for instance, you can now get the smartest, toughest, and most technologically advanced Ford truck yet in the form of the 2015 Ford F-150.  Lawrenceburg, Frankfort, and Lousiville drivers might have missed the world record setting Hot Wheels track, but they can experience the engineering talents of Ford automakers any day right here at O’Brien Ford of Shelbyville.