The modern dilemma for car manufacturers is fuel economy. Many vehicle manufacturers are searching for ways to maximize not just the value of the cars they build or the life of the cars they sell, but the distance those cars can travel on a single tank. And, arguably, no manufacturer has done more to meet this challenge than Ford. Their effort is apparent not only in the wide range of EcoBoost engines offered in most Ford vehicles, but also particularly in the 2014 Ford C-MAX Hybrid, which has raised the stakes for economical manufacturers everywhere using advanced technology.

The first thing to note about the 2014 Ford C-MAX, though, isn’t its exemplary fuel economy or its high-tech design—instead, the first thing a Frankfurt Ford driver will notice about the 2014 C-MAX is its styling. This Ford is simply the next of a line of new Ford vehicles that have set a new trend in vehicle styling. But the big gains are in the fuel economy of an already-class-leading member of the hybrid/fuel-economy segment. The updates will place this C-MAX, with an advanced transmission, hybrid drive train, lightweight, and aerodynamic body structure, at the forefront of gas-saving technology among for-sale vehicles.

But the improvements for the 2014 C-MAX don’t stop at transmission technology and aerodynamic styling. Ford has also introduced an improvement to the engine oil, which reduces friction that eats away at the vehicle’s fuel economy. According to Raj Nair, Ford group vice president for global product development, “Ford is absolutely committed to being a leader in the hybrid market and to top fuel efficiency across our lineup.” The commitment—and the accomplishment—are evident in all aspects of the impressive new 2014 Ford C-MAX.