There may have been a time when Ford cars weren’t the first models to spring to mind when drivers heard the word “performance car.” But that time is fading into the past, because lately, drivers have been flocking to new Ford models like the Ford Mustang, Ford Focus RS, Ford Focus ST, and Ford Fiesta ST, and finding performance cars worthy of their sense of adventure, fun, and excitement. And with a performance car line-up like the one that Ford has created, and is still working on expanding, it’s no surprise.

Ford is on track to sell over 200,000 performance cars globally this year, which is almost double what they sold only three years ago. And younger buyers, in particular, are turning to Ford for vehicles that can give them the thrill they seek at an affordable price. Not only that, but Ford performance cars like the 2016 Ford Focus or 2016 Ford Fiesta ST boast a winning combination of excitement and practicality – making them a great choice for performance enthusiasts who would prefer to invest in just one car that can give them the dynamic driving experience they want but also an efficient and useful vehicle for daily commute and errands.

This recent surge in sales is just the beginning for Ford performance vehicles. With 12 more performance models on the way before the decade is over, Ford automakers are proving their commitment to creating quality cars that can give drivers the excitement and performance they crave without breaking the bank. See for yourself why Ford performance cars are rising so quickly in popularity with a test drive of a 2016 Ford Focus or a 2016 Ford Mustang. Louisville, Lawrenceburg, and Frankfort drivers can find excitement and adventure right here at O’Brien Ford of Shelbyville.