This year’s Glassdoor Employees’ Choice Awards have been announced, and the results are clear – the Ford Motor Company is a great place to work!  The Glassdoor Employee’s Choice Awards Program is based on the input of employees, who can submit their feedback through an anonymous online survey.  The extensive survey covers qualitative issues, including work environment, satisfaction, and work/life balance, as well as quantitative things like pay, benefits, and more.  Before the survey is over, employees are even asked about the downsides of where they work!

This year’s awards feature the Ford Motor Company on a list of the 50 Best Places to Work in the United States, in the 1,000 employees or more category.  Not only does Ford appear 35th on this list, but it is rated more highly than any other automotive company!  Some of the top things employees like about working for the Ford Motor Company are the great pay and benefits, the good work/life balance, and the chance to move around and up within the company.

We’re not suggesting you need to immediately apply to the Ford Motor Company, but here at your local Ford dealership, we’re proud to be selling vehicles from a company that is so focused on taking care of their employees and creating a great work environment.  So whether you are a truck fan getting ready to check out the new 2015 Ford F-150, or a commuter looking to drive to work in an efficient and fun 2015 Ford Fusion, Lawrenceburg drivers can come to O’Brien Ford of Shelbyville and know they are getting cars that are not only built with great quality, but that are built by happy employees working for a great company!