Last month, Ford automakers announced a lofty new goal for the next five years. They plan to have a fully autonomous fleet of vehicles deployed for ride sharing or ride hailing in 2021. It may seem like and impossible dream, but if there’s one thing we’ve learned from every Ford truck, SUV, and car, it’s that when Ford automakers put their mind to it, they can create something above and beyond what might seem possible.

The plan is based on collaborations between Ford and four startup companies who can help speed along the development of independently driving cars. And it’s not like this project is starting from scratch. The brand has spent over a decade researching and developing autonomously driving vehicles, and the plan laid out for the next five years will take this research and development to the streets. The autonomous vehicles will operate without a steering wheel or traditional pedals and will be ideally suited to ride sharing and ride hailing, making them a key element in the brand’s Ford Smart mobility plan.

Here at your local Ford dealership, we know from experience that once Ford decides to create something incredible, it’s only a matter of time before it comes to our lot and we can share it with our customers. We may not have cars that drive themselves quite yet, but we do have the smartest, toughest Ford pickup in the Ford F-150, a long beloved and supremely adaptable car in the 2016 Ford Fusion, and one of the most practical and family-friendly SUVs on the market in the 2016 Ford Escape. Louisville, Lawrenceburg and Frankfort drivers can renew their own faith in the ability of Ford automakers to create the best by visiting us at O’Brien Ford of Shelbyville and taking a test drive in one of the current incredible offerings from Ford.