The buyers of Ford vehicles have made their presence and preferences known. Aside from their propensity for quality cars at convenient price points, they have propelled the Ford 2.0-liter EcoBoost engine to the heights of popularity. In fact, demand for this engine has been so high, that Ford recently announced an almost $200 milling investment in its Cleveland, OH engine plant to increase capacity.

This comes as gas prices—still flirting with all-time highs in the United States—are placing more and more stress on Americans’ wallets. With this in mind, a new, more fuel-efficient was designed for placement in new Ford vehicles. They called the engine the EcoBoost, because of its ability to deliver significantly higher fuel economy compared to other engines of similar capacities. This is accomplished through variable valve timing, turbocharger technology, and direct fuel injection.

The best part about the EcoBoost engines that you can find in many Frankfort Ford vehicles is that the technologies we mentioned improve performance, along with preserving great fuel economy. This is why these little motors have proved so popular among recent Ford owners. Currently, the EcoBoost line is available in the Ford Explorer, Edge, Escape, Fusion, Focus ST, and Taurus. You can expect to see more of these great engines with the expansion of the Cleveland, OH plant.