Ford has a great history and track record of making sure you stay interested. In the last few years they have made amazing strides in combining your interest with keeping you focused on the road and driving safely with fewer distractions. Now they are combining those ideals with Slacker radio in select 2012 models.

What Is Slacker Radio You Ask

Well even if you didn’t ask, it’s what we’re here to talk about today. Slacker is very much like Pandora, but it runs through your Sync system. Mainly for areas with cell phone reception, as your smart phone is what truly powers the app, you can even load your favorite music into the system for when the signal isn’t strong enough.

These newer concepts are fantastic, but Ford also wants to make sure you stay safe. Just the other day on the news, there is talk of a federal ban on all phone devices used while driving, hence the beauty of the Sync system really. Being a completely integrated system, there is no cords to worry about or devices to search for in the cup holder because you don’t like the song. With the Sync system’s voice activation, you can control the music you’re listening too, and bring up the music you want next, even skip the ones you don’t.

What Will Ford Think of Next

When you think about it, it was less than ten years ago that the Sync really became standard in most Fords. Here it is less than a decade and it already seems common place. Crazy when you think about it that technology that should be marveled at is really just fancier ways of listening to your favorite songs and skipping the ones your ex girlfriend subjected you too. The future is looking pretty bright, and now thanks to Ford, sounds pretty good too. So what would be on your list for the ultimate driving music? You may not have to decide right this minute, but pretty soon it will all be the slight push of a button, and the command you give to your cars computer, kind of like Star Trek.