Technology moves fast in cars, and no manufacturer is doing more to move it forward than Ford. This is why some of the stability control, traction control, and safety systems offered by Ford are the most advanced of their kind. Then there is the range of Ford Hybrid vehicles to consider, as well as alternative fuel vehicles and engine technology. Now Ford is making advances inside the car, to be the first to offer Spotify music streaming service in the car through its SYNC AppLink system.

The way it works is this: You are driving your new Ford vehicle with your hands on the wheel, and you’d like to listen to music. Your vehicle has the Ford SYNC AppLink system, the technology that seamlessly integrates your smartphone into the vehicle’s computer, entertainment, and other systems. As long as your smartphone has the Spotify App running, you will be able to initiate music streaming with a simple hands-free vocal command.

Just streaming some of 20 million tracks from Spotify isn’t the only benefit you’ll find in new vehicles at a Louisville Ford dealer. Another perk of the SYNC AppLink system integration will be drivers who can control many smartphone apps through the system, which is available on over one million Ford vehicles on the road today. And as far as Spotify goes, drivers will be able to star or unstar tracks, load and play playlists, start radio stations, shuffle or repeat tracks, and even accept incoming playlists from other Spotify users—all without taking their hands off of the wheel.