Of course Ford vehicles have been American favorites for years, but recent updates and additions have had buyers lining up for some of the newest vehicles. And one large reason why has to do with the appeal of fuel-efficient vehicles. Not only are many Ford vehicles leaders in their respective segments in terms of fuel economy, but many have a particular advantage in that regard: the option of a hybrid-electric motor.

Among recent Ford vehicles that have had particular appeal to drivers in places like Lawrenceburg, the Ford Fusion is one of the most alluring to come from the famous American manufacturer. This is not only because of the value, versatility, and variety in the Fusion, but also because of its wonderful good looks. Now interested drivers can also add the outstanding hybrid-electric drive version of the 2013 Ford Fusion to the “pro” list.

But it’s not only average drivers who have seen the benefit in these fuel-efficient vehicles. In addition to the Fusion, the 2013 Ford C-MAX hybrid is another car that many companies and corporations have added to their professional fleets. The reasons are many—it’s not just that these hybrid cars have outstanding mileage thanks to their technological innovations, but also because of their outstanding durability and reliability.

Finally, there is a little-known factor to Ford hybrid vehicles that the average driver may not realize when they hear that corporations are stocking their fleets up with cars like the Fusion and the C-MAX. This is that those hybrid vehicles often retain value better than their conventionally fueled counterparts. So a company that’s stocking up on Ford hybrid vehicles actually stands to get a little more money out of their investment on the other end, since the resale value on their hybrid vehicle will be a little higher than the alternative. Sounds like there are a lot of reasons to go hybrid!