First and foremost to any and all that read this blog, Happy Veterans Day, I dearly thank you all for your service to our country, and your sacrifice for our way of life so I can be sitting here tonight and writing this blog. God Bless you all. It is this way of thinking that I share very passionately with Ford, and that is why I am eternally grateful to work for this motor company.

Ford has been all American for its entire history, and to celebrate that proud past we all share, Ford has flown a group of our Greatest Generation’s veterans to see the memorial for the war they all fought hard to win for us. From every branch of service, and every walk of life, all were brought together for a trip to see the monument that now honors their sacrifice.


The heads of Ford, including CEO Mulally, were all hands on deck at the Detroit airport to wish them a safe journey on their way to the Capital.

Out there in the very country, there are car companies that would call this a publicity stunt, or worse, but that just means that’s the only reason they would ever do it. Ford does this because it knows that these men are the reason the blue oval is still in driveways and garages across this great land. Here at your Frankfort Ford dealer, we salute all of our veterans, young and old.

This blog has been updating you on the great things to come that Ford keeps cranking out of R and D. I have updated you on stocks, predictions, and many many other facets of our motor company. Today I take the time to remind you all why we’re here to talk about it. Just because Veteran’s day was yesterday, it shouldn’t matter. If you see a soldier at a bar, buy his drink. If you see a soldier at a restaurant, buy his meal. Most of all, no matter where you see a soldier, stop, shake their hand, look them straight in the eye with all the respect in the world, and thank them for what they do.