The 2014 Ford Fusion is a popular car all over the country, no doubt about it.  The midsize sedan segment is growing as a whole in the United States, and the Ford Fusion is part of this growth.  But it’s more than that – Ford Fusion sales are growing even faster than other midsize sedans.  In fact, Ford Fusion sales are growing at double the rate of the overall midsize sedan segment.  This rate is calculated based on a Ford Company analysis of the Polk new vehicle registration data put out by IHS Automotive. 

There are a lot of factors contributing to the growth in sales for the Ford Fusion, but one of the biggest is the popularity of the Ford Fusion in California.  Retail registrations in California are up 27 percent through July, which means California drivers have contributed to 21 percent of the overall sales growth in the United States.  Californians are not the only discerning drivers to recognize all the Ford Fusion sedan’s great qualities.  Texas represented the second biggest contribution to the sales growth of the Ford Fusion, making up 14 percent of the retail registration growth through July.

There are a wide variety of reasons for the popularity of the Ford Fusion throughout the United States.  This remarkable sedan is efficient, affordable, comfortable, and stylish, and California and Texas drivers in particular have recognized these qualities.  If you want to see for yourself why the Ford Fusion has the fastest growing sales among mid-size sedans, you can do that right here at your local Ford dealer, O’Brien Ford.  Our friendly sales staff will be happy to get you out right away to test drive a new Ford Fusion.  Louisville, Frankfort, and Lawrenceburg drivers will find us easily right here in Shelbyville.  Come on out today and experience everything that is fantastic about the Ford Fusion!