My friends, for those of you out there in the big scary world that are afraid of the green initiative, let me help you calm down by showing you what it is actually supposed to be. Ford Motor Company has saved over four million pounds of carpet from a landfill so you can drive it. I’ll explain.

The blue oval has done it again folks. By taking 4.1 million pounds of old carpet, Ford has created  a new nylon resin that can be used in place of oil based plastic. How about that?

Ford has been using recycled material for years, but they continue to improve the way they make their cars from the internal mechanics to the seat cushions. From recycled carpet to recycled yarn, Ford can use just about anything after recycled and reshaped to make a car. How great is that, right?

Moving Forward

These recycled materials have parts that range from piston heads, undercarriages, and seat covers and foam. Also, they are found in a large group of lines ranging from the Ford Fusion and the Ford F150.

Ford recognizes that to survive in this crazy world run by left over hippies, a company must be able to push the green initiative. Allow me to educate you a bit. Before I worked in the auto industry, I was a Millwork Specialist. If you don’t know what that is, basically I designed doors and windows for people building their dream homes. Believe me, I would hear about being green every minute of every day and yet no one around truly knew what being green meant.

Being Green

Pay attention folks, you are about to get an education. Although a fad, green has been around forever, but only recently caught on with certain people because it sounds trendy. In its most basic essence, being green simply means being efficient and saving money and material. Doesn’t sound so fancy now does it? Actually, companies like Ford have been green since the beginning. The Assembly line was one of the first big green initiatives. It saved the company money and from there the savings are passed on to the customer. So ask yourself, do you want a company that brags about being green, or just does it and saves you money. Best thing about Ford, you get both.