For any of you out there that have been reading this blog since the day I started it, and of course if you’re reading this one I’ll assume you are an avid reader, thanks mom, then you will be well aware of my love for that Ford blue oval. Ford was the first to perfect the V8 engine that drank gas like a drunk, but now they are still cranking out new engine designs with a different focus, get it?!

The Ford F150 will always be what we are best known for, especially in these parts. I miss mine every day and still hate seeing what the family dog has done to it since I gave it to my father. However, as the last few years have gained momentum for Ford, the Ford Fusion has gained so much popularity that some of us are actually comparing it to the Escort. Remember that one?

Save The Money = Save The Planet

Every other auto maker now being run by Uncle Sam has turned their focus into more electric, more hybrid, and who knows what else. Ford still holds true to its faith in the internal combustion realm. This new engine that Ford is about to unleash, in yet another version of the Focus, will get that tantalizing number of forty when it comes to highway miles. Most other car makers are having to reinvent the wheel to achieve that standard. All Ford has done is take what they had that already worked and help build an industry as well as a nation, and make a few improvements.

I could spend the next paragraph describing the boring metallurgy report that came out about what used to be steel is now aluminum and so on, but what you really care about are the benefits. Think of it like this. Right now everyone complains that the setup cost of solar power is way too high for the money it actually saves you so you never actually see a true benefit. Now take Ford. You know as well as I do they wouldn’t roll this car off the line if it wasn’t affordable, and you especially know we wouldn’t bother telling you about it if it wasn’t going to be full of benefits.