Ford has been a longtime supporter of city police departments, and their popular Police Interceptors are a key part of the fleets for the Los Angeles Sheriff’s Department (LASD) and Michigan State Police (MSP). Recent testing for both departments demonstrated why the Ford EcoBoost Police Interceptor is such an important addition to the forces. In particular, the Ford EcoBoost Police Sedan came out at the top of its tests in both Michigan and LA, even beating out competitors powered by V8 engines.

The testing showed that the Ford EcoBoost Police Sedan raced to the top, with the fastest acceleration times, both from 0-60 mph and from 0-100 mph, the fastest quarter mile time and top speed in a quarter mile, and the fastest average lap time in both California and Michigan. With test results like these, it’s easy to see why the Ford EcoBoost Police Sedan holds an important place in both the LASD and MSP. Another Ford EcoBoost offering impressed as well – the Ford EcoBoost Police Utility also sped past its competition with the fastest accelerations times, quarter mile time, and average lap time for utility vehicles. So whether the departments need a smaller car or a bigger vehicle for their work, the Ford EcoBoost has proven to be a great option.

Here at O’Brien Ford of Shelbyville, we know we aren’t alone in wanting the best for the officers who protect us. Thanks to this testing, it’s clear that the Ford EcoBoost Police Interceptors are that best option. And while most of us will never get a chance to drive a Police Interceptor, anyone can experience the Ford EcoBoost engine when they come by and talk to an experienced Ford dealer. Lawrenceburg, Louisville, and other nearby drivers can come in today and test drive a model boasting its own powerful Ford EcoBoost engine.