The first few months of owning a car are an exciting time; everything is new, you’re still learning about all the amazing things your car can do, and every trip is an adventure. Or at least, that’s how we feel here at your Shelbyville Ford dealership. But of course, we want to know that our customers feel the same way – and according to the latest J.D. Power Initial Quality Study (IQS), it seems like they do!

Each year, the J.D. Power IQS assesses the first 90 days of ownership for new car buyers. Based on customer responses, the company is able to determine which models and automakers are bringing the best in quality from the start. This year, the Ford Company earned its highest score ever – high enough to rank second among all automakers for the second year in a row. In fact, Ford scores have been continuously improving for the last five years – proving that Ford automakers are working hard to bring drivers a better experience each and every year.

The company’s high scores in the 2018 J.D. Power IQS likely comes from a few sources. The first is the SYNC®3 technology that is now available on almost every single Ford model. This infotainment system combines information drivers need to know and the technology to keep drivers and passengers entertained and engaged during their drives. Other improvements include seating, drive experience, and air conditioning. Thanks to all this, the Ford Company had more vehicle awards in the IQS than any other company.

With scores like these, it’s easy to see why Ford vehicles and the Ford Company came out with its best ever showing in the IQS. We’re proud to have all the amazing Ford vehicles on our lot, and especially the IQS segment-topping Ford F-Series Super Duty, Ford Expedition, and 2018 Ford Mustang. Louisville, KY area drivers who want amazing quality right from the start can find it here at O’Brien Ford of Shelbyville.