Ford vehicles are great products. This is true for myriad reasons. From appealing yet unique styles in cars like the 2016 Ford Focus to the iconic and performance-ready 2016 Ford Mustang to the heavy duty tried and true 2016 Ford F150.

Ford might be the oldest car company but it never feels or acts old. Which is why we love helping our Shelbyville Ford drivers find new Ford vehicles and maintain their current ones, whatever their needs. And here at O’Brien Ford of Shelbyville, we were excited when we learned that according to CEO Mark Fields, the company was going to triple its investment in developing new driver assist features.

While not many specifics have come out, it seems that the major projects right now include finalizing a traffic jam assist and a “fully active” auto-parking system. The system is reported to be able to shift, brake, and steer into a parking spot.

The traffic jam assist will supposedly be able to run on autopilot by improving and combining the adaptive cruise control and lane-keeping assist features that currently exist for a few seconds of no-hands driving.

Ford automakers are also in talks to work with Alphabet, Google’s parent corporation, to create self-driving cars. Anyone who’s been paying attention to the internet for the last couple of years knows that Google has been working on self-driving cars for some time. The potential partnership would purportedly use the Ford automotive software and systems technology that make such great vehicles, along with Google’s resources.

The technology seems to be moving in the right direction. We won’t say that similar technology isn’t being developed or exists in some form for any other company, but our belief is that when Ford automakers do something like this, they do it right. You don’t have a company that’s built some of the best automobiles for the last hundred years or so and not know what you’re doing. We’re looking forward to seeing how much further we can go in a Ford automobile.