If you’ve spent much time reading about new Ford vehicles lately, you’ve undoubtedly heard about the Ford EcoBoost engine, and it’s no surprise why.  This fantastic engine has drawn attention for its remarkable fuel economy, but what may get lost in the discussion of its fuel efficiency and environmental friendliness is its impressive performance capabilities! 

The EcoBoost engine was created with power in mind, and uses top of the line technology.  It utilizes features like variable cam timing, direct injection, turbocharging, and more to give it the ability to help some of the Ford Company’s top high performance models excel.  And because, as the name suggests, economy was at the top of Ford engineers’ minds when they designed this innovative engine, it also has excellent EPA estimated mileage no matter what model it moves.

But that wasn’t enough for the Ford Company.  Because they know that real performance enthusiasts will always want to tweak their engines to create an even better driving experience – and the Ford EcoBoost engine allows them to do just that!  Even with tuning minor enough to keep the Ford warranty intact, the Ford EcoBoost engine can make enormous leaps in horsepower and torque.

Drivers come to Ford for all kinds of needs, from sports cars to family vehicles to hard-working trucks.  But the Ford EcoBoost engine can come through for everyone.  So whether you are looking for a 2015 Ford Fiesta that will give you an exciting drive experience right out of the box, or planning to fine-tune your 2015 Ford Mustang to give it an increase in power and capability, the answer lies in the EcoBoost engine and your local Ford dealer. Louisville, and Lawrenceburg drivers can hear more about the Ford EcoBoost engine right here at O’Brien Ford of Shelbyville!