New Ford vehicles are bringing safety to drivers everywhere, thanks to the ingenuity and hard work of Ford engineers.  Available Pre-Collision Assist with Pedestrian Detection will help drivers avoid pedestrian frontal collisions by using cameras and radars to help drivers.  These systems scan the area ahead of the car and detect vehicles and pedestrians, sometimes before a driver might be able to.  The system then warns the driver, but if the driver can’t respond in time, the Pre-Collision Assist will activate the brakes at full force, which will help reduce the severity of a crash, or even prevent a collision entirely. 

Of course, no technology is a replacement for alert and careful driving practices, but the Pre-Collision Assist system will help drivers be safer than ever on the road. This new technology will debut in Europe on the 2015 Ford Mondeo, but then appear in Ford products around the world.  This new Pedestrian Detection technology will join a large array of safe driving technology Ford has already developed.  As Raj Nair, Ford group vice president, Global Product Development, said “This technology adds to the already impressive list of driver-assist technologies Ford customers benefit from today.”

Ford driver-assist technology already available in vehicles in the United States includes a Blind Spot Information System, a lane-keeping system, adaptive cruise control, and park assist.  If you want to check out some of the Ford Company’s impressive driver assist and safety technology, you can find these features on a variety of models at your local Ford dealer.  Lawrenceburg, Frankfort, and Louisville drivers can find their Ford dealership in Shelbyville, at O’Brien Ford, and check out Ford technology on a test drive today.