Each year, J.D. Power takes on the daunting task of figuring out which vehicles and brands show the greatest quality over the first 90 days of ownership. This Initial Quality Study (IQS) starts with a 233 question survey of almost 80,000 new vehicle owners, who report problems they’ve experienced in each of the eight categories. The scores are then added up to problems per one hundred vehicles, and the models are ranked for their Initial Quality. This year, the Ford brand earned its highest ranking in the history of the IQS, and became the number two non-premium brand in the study.

The 2017 Ford Expedition and the 2017 Ford Mustang led the charge this year in achieving the Ford brand’s high rankings. The 2017 Ford Expedition was the best in the Large SUV segment, while the 2017 Ford Mustang was at the top of the Midsize Sporty Car category. But it really was the entire fleet of Ford trucks and cars that ensured the brand’s high ranking, with several coming in the top three of their segments. When all was said and done, Ford owners only reported 86 problems per 100 vehicles, the best score yet after years of steady improvement for the Ford company. With the constant efforts to improve, especially when it comes to technological advancements and driver assist features, it’s no wonder Ford vehicles have been steadily climbing the rankings in the IQS.

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