When Ford creates something new, it’s always worth getting excited about. Whether it’s an entirely new Ford SUV or an updated take on a classic, their innovation and expertise always create something incredible. The newest version of the beloved Ford Focus is no exception. We already knew the 2016 Ford Focus RS was going to be something special. With the team of Ford engineers behind it, the genius 2.3 liter EcoBoost engine in it, and the trademark look of a Ford, how could it not be? But the all-new Ford Focus RS has still found a way to surprise us, with the sheer intensity of its power.

Power might not be the first word that comes to mind when thinking of the Ford Focus, but the 2016 hot hatch will have just that, and in huge quantities. While initial estimates suggested that the EcoBoost engine would provide the 2016 Ford Focus RS with 315 horsepower, Ford automakers have now revealed that the model will in fact boast 350 horsepower, a large increase over an already impressive estimate. Not only that, but this horsepower will be joined by 350 lb.-ft. of torque, making the 2016 Ford Focus RS a stellar example of what a great engine and great design can do when they work together.

Here at your local Ford dealership, we’re more excited than ever about the 2016 Ford Focus RS. With production beginning later this year, the time when this remarkable vehicle hits the market is drawing closer, and when it does, we’ll be ready. And if a hot hatch isn’t for you, you can find all the power you want in other Ford vehicles, like versatile Ford SUVs or the much-lauded 2015 Ford F-150. Shelbyville and other area drivers can find these models and more right here at O’Brien Ford!