The new Ford Edge is almost here, and here at your Shelbyville Ford dealership, we’re eager for the arrival of the latest version of this popular SUV. While there’s a lot to be excited about in this new model, we wanted to talk about one particular feature that’s making waves: the all-wheel-drive disconnect. This system, a first from Ford automakers, uses a type of artificial intelligence (AI) to enhance the drive experience, reduce the use of fuel, and more.

So what exactly does the all-wheel-drive disconnect do? It starts with the high-tech sensors – dozens of them. These sensors, located all around the 2019 Ford Edge, relay information on everything from wheel slip to temperature to the system. The electronic “brain” receives the information and makes some lightning quick calculations far faster than any human could make them. It then decides in just a fraction of a second whether drivers need all-wheel drive, and turns it on if needed.

That’s how it works – but what does that mean for drivers? For starters, it means you get the traction you need, when you need it. No more worrying about when to switch, or the stress of difficult driving if you’re a little too late with the all-wheel drive. Not only that, but this lightning fast response also saves drivers fuel! Because all-wheel drive is only active when needed and not longer, fuel consumption goes down. That’s not the only method for reducing fuel usage in the 2019 Ford Edge – features like deceleration fuel shutoff and exhaust gas recirculation contribute as well – but the all-wheel-drive disconnect is a big factor.

This innovative and intelligent technology is just one of the reasons we’re excited about the 2019 Ford Edge. Louisville area drivers looking for a great SUV with some of the most exciting technology out there don’t have to go far! The 2019 Ford Edge will arrive at O’Brien Ford of Shelbyville soon, and our staff are excited to tell you more about this new SUV!