When editors from the car-buying website Edmunds.com sat down to select the Most Wanted cars from 2016, there was a lot to consider. Editors had to weigh their own opinions about their favorites with the models that car buyers loved in order to choose the best and most desired vehicles on the market. But how to even determine which cars that buyers were choosing? Editors analyzed data from 10 months of 2016, looking at driver consideration on the Edmunds.com website, along with sales, days spent in dealership inventory before being sold, and more. Then editors contributed their own rankings, averaged everything out, and finally, the “most wanted” cars of the last year were selected.

After such a process, we think it really means something that the 2017 Ford F-150 took top honors in the full-size truck category and was named an Edmunds.com Most Wanted. Of course, the popularity of the 2017 Ford F-150 has a lot of factors that play into it. There are the impressive capabilities of the pickup truck, which are complemented by its toughness, and there’s also the advanced technology that makes it the smartest Ford F-150 ever. Edmunds.com editors pointed out that the Ford F-150 boasted higher sales numbers than its peers, as well as more consideration from shoppers.

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