Here at your local Ford dealership near Louisville KY, if we’re going to tell you all the great things about the 2017 Ford Escape, the hardest thing to do would be to decide would be where to begin. After all, we don’t know what is most likely to impress any one driver. Are you a road warrior who will swoon for the built-in storage, comfortable seats, and quiet ride that will make long trips a breeze? Or perhaps you’re after the perfect family vehicle, and would be excited to hear about liftgate access to rear cargo space, the SYNC communication and entertainment system, and advanced safety features? Or maybe you’re just looking for a practical, spacious vehicle that will accommodate daily commutes, errands, and whatever else comes up in your day-to-day routine?

The fact of the matter is that when it comes to compact SUVs, it’s hard to beat the 2017 Ford Escape – and we’re not the only ones who think so. recently completed their annual compact SUV challenge, pitting the best compact SUVs on the market against one another and letting the experts decide which was best. And the 2017 Ford Escape came out on top, with editor-in-chief Patrick Olsen commenting on everything from its wide array of features to its storage space, and a whole lot else in between.

So if you’re looking for the power of an SUV, the adaptability of a great family vehicle, and a size that will make everything from navigating tight spaces to budgeting for fuel costs that much easier, come visit us today at O’Brien Ford of Shelbyville for a test drive of the 2017 Ford Escape. Lawrenceburg, Frankfort, and Louisville, KY drivers don’t have to take it from us, or even the editors, that this Ford SUV is the best – they can experience it for themselves right here in Shelbyville. Come by and see us soon!