It won’t be long now until drivers have a chance to experience everything new and improved about the all-new 2016 Ford Focus. But here at your local Ford dealership, we wanted to give our customers a sneak preview of what they can expect from the 2016 Ford Focus, particularly when it comes to speed. The Ford Focus has long been a popular and beloved model, but probably not the first thing most drivers think of when they seek out a car with fast acceleration and a high top speed. With the 2016 Ford Focus though, it’s going to be hard not to associate it with impressive speed and acceleration!

The 2016 Ford Focus RS will sprint right from the start, allowing drivers to go from 0 to 62 miles per hour in less than 5 seconds – in 4.7 seconds, in fact. This acceleration rate tops any other RS model to date, and demonstrates just how special the high-performance 2016 Ford Focus RS really is. The model will achieve its impressive acceleration rate thanks to a specialty version of the 2.3 liter Ford EcoBoost engine, which is currently projected to provide 350 horsepower and 350 pound per foot of torque. All that power means that not only will drivers be able to hit high speeds fast, but they can take it to the next level, since the 2016 Ford Focus will boast a 165 mph top speed.

Most of us will never know the power and excitement of driving a race car, but with the speed and acceleration of the 2016 Ford Focus, we can get a taste of what it must be like. If you’re as eager for this new model as we are, stop O’Brien Ford of Shelbyville any time and talk to a knowledgeable Ford dealer. Louisville, Lawrenceburg, and Frankfort drivers don’t have long to wait before they can experience the 2016 Ford Focus for themselves!