Happy New Year folks. Today I’m talking about New Years because I already wished you a Merry Christmas. I know that the next few days actually bring the happy holiday, but since I’ve already touched base on that, there is no reason to repeat myself. Time to move on.

How Will You Start

You only get this chance once per year. To fool yourself into thinking you’re actually going to do anything different next year than you did this year. You’re probably not going to lose any weight. You certainly aren’t going to have any more hair than you do right now, but the one thing you could change easier than any of that is what you’re driving.

With Style

Many of us enter the new year with a hangover or a regret, be it from too much fun, or not enough. Much like the last bowl of porridge, I have the perfect way for you to bring in 2013 “just right.” If you were to change what you were driving in the next week, well that my friends would be instant results that people everywhere would notice. No hard crunches on the floor. No making a fool of yourself with your girlfriend’s yoga video.

Eat It Up

With  the new Ford by 2013 plan of mine, you could eat all you want and still drive a Ford. Top that diet! Check out the new 2013 Ford Taurus. Lawrenceburg knows what you’re driving now, why not catch them all by surprise and jealousy. Say HAH Lawrenceburg, Ford Fusion is what I drive now and you still have the same old same old.