So I’ve been talking with other folks in the car selling business lately, and there is a lot of talk that some of the brands on top are about to see a drastic change. The tsunami had a major impact on the rise and fall of some of our competitors. Those that fell are planning their 2013 comeback, but one thing will not change this year. My friends, Ford is still shooting for the moon.

Hit The Target

Ford takes advantage of every opportunity that we are given, and the one thing that has yielded us is that we keep rising. Opportunity isn’t just every few years, it is every day. Each time one of you visits our lot and allows us to help you pick the perfect car or truck, that is how we keep our rise going.

focus 2

Every Day

2012 was one of the best years ever for Ford, and personally from where I’m sitting I don’t see why 2013 can’t match or beat it. Nobody wants to shoot for the status quo. Successful people and businesses always shoot for setting new records and finding new success.


Time Is Always Now

Check out the new models! If you’re looking for the hot new ticket, you will love the new Fusion. Maybe you want something a little smaller in a 2013 Ford Focus. Shelbyville is just one part of the whole but just as important as the rest of the world when it comes to the Ford company’s goals. If you live in Shelbyville, used cars or new cars in your future, Ford will help you achieve your own goals.