Well now my friends it is official. 2012 models are old, 2013 models are what’s hot, and before you know it the 2014 car show will come around telling us all how amazing it will be next year. That may seem like a long span of time, but not really when you’re this busy.

Let’s Get To Work

2012 was a great year for Ford. No doubt about that, but the best thing is always looking to the future. Sure this is the time of year where you leave your earned successes behind and begin again with new goals and challenges. Ford has been doing this and doing it better for over a century. Sure a lot of companies boast long histories, but how many technology companies can do it?


What’s Your Goal

What are you looking for in 2013? If you missed the year end clearance sales that doesn’t mean you can’t get the Ford you want. If you like the way the F-Series look, my hint to you is to get one while you can. Gas prices are slowly coming down while we quickly raise the truck mileage. If you want a new Fusion, well you should really hurry because so does the rest of the free world.


Don’t Wait

So you’ve got the whole year ahead of you. Don’t use that as an excuse to wait, but better an incentive to get the Ford you want now so that you have more of the year to drive it in. If you want a 2013 Ford F150, Shelbyville is the place to get it. Shelbyville used Ford models are still here, but we’ve made it pretty easy to drive new. Get yours while you can.