Yes my friends it is year end clearance time and the time is now. We only have a couple weeks left in the month and the year, and that means there has never been a better time for the last year to get a brand new Ford in your driveway. The time is now, will you get here in time?


What is it you’re looking for? Do you want the power and versatility of an F-150 so you can get the job done? I bet you need the room and cargo space of the new Explorer. Whether you’re hauling two by fours, or a load full of soccer players, you should really get into Ford before it’s too late. Oh yeah, and if you want to look super cool so you can start the new year off at the top of your game, then you know that the new Fusion is the car for you.

How To Get It

I really shouldn’t have to explain this part. If you want a new Ford, then visit your local O’brien Ford Store. Year end clearance isn’t just on the TV, it is one the lot. Come down here and see just how easy it is to change what you’re driving for the better.

Get It Now

The getting doesn’t get any better than it is right now. If you want a 2012 Ford Focus, Shelbyville has it for you. If you’re not completely sold on a new car just yet, Shelbyville used cars are just as good and still sitting right here waiting for you to choose. All you have to do is pick your favorite.